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Been cooking!


I know this is my bushcraft blog, But I think something that is fundamental while bushcrafting is the ability to make a great meal while in the bush. I feel this requires practice



Plus I really like to cook to me its like art that taste allot better!


So here is the Gumbo I made tonight


News and updates!


This will be a bunch of videos no write up. I have been neglecting my blog and im sorry for that! so this is what I have been up to!

And im still doing poetry!

Home made pocket grill


I have been riding my friend on youtube to make a video on how he makes his Pocket Grill. He sent me a message that he has finally done it. I love this guy and his video so full of genius ideas and simple tricks that are awesome. Anywho I figured you folks would enjoy this and how to make it. Im off to find a tig welder :D!

Hike outside of church


Did some hiking outside of church.

Sorry about the short videos being sideways I dont know what happened. I need to get some editing software.

YouTube – Church picnic I sunck to the woods]

YouTube – Part 2 church hike]

Begining of a debris shelter (video)


Well let me know what you think.

This is the pic of the trash heep the old neighbors made.

Day out(shelter build dead things and broken axe)


I went out to get started on my debris shelter. I had a few things fail.

YouTube – broken buck saw attempt at making a bow saw.]



First off and this one PISSED ME OFF 3 swings in a dead and rotted tree and it flew off hit me in the thigh.

Second I broke one of the arms in half at the knot on it. that sucked but not as bad as the axe haft. no pics


its about the size of a baseball growing around and out of the tree. the tree is a pine species I think hemlock.

and the remains of maybe a crow something took it apart there was a bobcat siting the other day so maybe found its lunch.

New axes (YEAAAAAAA!)


I gots me some new axes. both wetterlings.

First off is the vintage on a 27 inch haft. I really like this axe.

Warning two pics of me coming 😀


And next the 13′ inch I got as part of a fire kit from a member at BCUSA