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Early snow in North Carolina


Well here in the Piedmont area of North Carolina we had an extremely early and big snow fall (by our normal standards).

I decided it was a perfect day for a hike and bimble. I set out through my woods I hike and camp/hunt!

Ive never been down here in the snow. So everything looked allot different. It also had a very still and quietness to them.

The snow was a heavy wet snow which had the hemlocks lining the entrance to the lower part bent over.

after me and Zeke entered into the lower part it took on another look to it!

this is a top view of where I sit and enjoy the woods from time to time.

This is at the sitting spot.

looking back up

A maple tree with some nice burls!!!

some more of where i sit around at

Zeke tracking some animal he picked up the scent of.

Continuing down the trail.

Those are river birch trees!

This is a fallen piece i found! It is drying for spoons and maybe a kuksa!

Thats my S65 knife you can find more pics here and on the link on the side!

I also found a 2″ in diameter fallen piece that was spalting! I have cut it up and down to the good solid wood. It is drying in a paper bag for 2 spoons to be made very soon.

Coming to the end of the area I wanted to at least cover.

We got 7″ in total snow from this storm. This is something we rarely get any more. This is also very early for us as well!

I was out about 2 1/2 hours on this one!

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