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Saddle cakes


Here’s a recipe I learned a couple of years ago! I really like them hope yall do to!

Saddle cakes

1c. whole wheat flour
1/2c uncooked oatmeal
1/4c cornmeal
1/4c other flour (rye,buckwheat,barley,millet,unbleached white,ect)
2tea. backing powder
1/2tea. baking soda
1tea. salt
2 eggs ( OPTIONAL)
1/4c canola,corn,EVOO,butter (melted) (optional (needs it IMHO) )
1tea. vinegar
1c milk or water ( add as much that is needed to strech it to make more or to lighten them!

I will add sugar when at home and some vanilla extract! I also just use white flour most the time as I dont have a zillion different ones!

Whisk dry ingredients together. stir vinegar into milk or water. Add the optional eggs and oil with the milk or water,adding more liquid as needed for the batter thickness you want, oil pan how ever you normally do. Heat over medium fire (or normal electric skillet temp.) cook as normal pancakes!

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