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So back in January I was talking to JustJoel over on BCUSA about the nessmuk he made for a guy who backed out! By the time I had spoke to him about it he had already given it to his dad! We end of that.

I started a thread about nessmuk’s and made a comment on the same nessmuk and Joel PM’d me and we got to chatting! When It comes to me ideas QUICKLY flow into snow balls and turn into blizzards of action plans and doing!

So he emailed me and said hey what do you think of this one!

I said I like but this that and the other so he emailed me again and said what about this one!

So out of those and not wanting to have to draw a million because im a perfectionist. I looked at them and told him give me the blade shape from number one and the handle from number two and lets do it!

Next up were scales. Well Im snakedoctor and while browsing for material I ran across SNAKEWOOD! so he found some really great looking scales and that was settled Set number two

I had pics of the build but it was on my phone and forgot to load them to PB. Well I got it the other day I haven’t had the chance to get out and do all I want to so this is a show and drool post for starters Ill add as I get out there!

SPECS: The particulars are: * 3/16″ A2, 59-60 HRC and cryo treated, convex ground. * Snakewood scales, finished in danish oil * Mosaic Pin, Lanyard tube, spacers, etc. * 9 Inch, OAL * 4 1/8 blade * 4 7/8 handle

Thanks Joel!

Go check out his site

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