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Made an oilskin haversack


So since I haven’t been doing allot of bush crafting lately I figured I needed to do something so people didn’t think I was a keyboard crafter.

This was only possible because of 5 people.

JAAT= for some really good English needles Thanks Bro
Kevinkinny= For the oilskin cloth Thanks dude

1Jesster= for the antler button

My wonderful wife for helping me (story below)
And dave canterbury for the pics I used to make mine

So I used the one wildernesso0utfittersarchery sold on his site as a model I always liked it but was not going to spend 40 bones on it.

I did all my cutting out in the den watching cartoons then got it to the size I wanted (ended up being a little narrower after sewing)
I ironed it all flat and smooth and stiff

Here is where my wife stepped in to help me sew the strap together.

She helped because after the 3rd time the artificial sinew magically crawled around on the floor and entangled itself into an impossible to undo knot. My kids learned some sailor blushing new words and I yelled at the sinew while throwing it across the room “screw this im buying one” She asked if I would like some help. So in between my twitching eye and deep heaving breaths I said “yes please”

So the wife did the strap for me (thanks hun and yes I will tell them those are not good words)

I did the sides of the bag in a lock stitch.

Here is the bag all sewn up

And here is the finished strap. WE will be putting the strap on the bag this afternoon.

now complete

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  1. Dustin permalink
    21/05/2010 20:15

    Looks great!
    Your wife is a champ for pitching in, too.
    The project really turned out well – again, consider a leather thong versus 550 cord for a more “rustic” look.
    I tore apart an old braided leather belt and threw some mink oil on it – it yielded 6 72″ strips of leather that can be used for all sorts of stuff …

    BTW – last pic: Nothing says “bushcraft” like a Pikachu toothbrush!

    • 21/05/2010 20:22

      I agree the leather would look allot better! I need to get out and find some leather items and old purses to make things with.

      I know right I dont go into the woods with out him never know when you’ll need some electricity! 😀 :p

      Thanks for the ideas the belt one is great I will have to use that.

  2. 23/05/2010 20:53

    Nice job,You good lady did a top job on the sewing Bro.

    Is the button antler?

  3. Dustin permalink
    24/05/2010 07:36


    email me if you want a couple leather strips for future work – I can mail a few to you.

  4. 08/02/2012 14:31

    chauncey billups
    Wow! I appreciate this well written post
    chauncey billups

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