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A great gift from a great guy.


So I was talking with a fellow member (from BCSUA) just the normal chit chat and I made a comment to which I got a wonderful story and shared wisdom from. I was also asked for my address. I figured since a friendship had developed it was for a Christmas card as it tis the season.

A few days later I get a PM that reads “keep an eye out for a package”.


I had taken Friday off to maintain my sanity and be somewhere that got canceled. So I payed call of duty with my son all morning watching for the mail she finally came I ran with leaps and bounds to her collected my package as it did arrive and acted like a 7yo at Christmas. Thank God the ol’ lady wasnt home or Id still be waiting to open it!

As I tore into the packaging I for 3 of the envelope bags the US post has by the second one I thought I was just having my leg yanked but finally a box.

And what was inside the box?

THIS BEAUTY! A Kephart FT with Antique Ivory scales.

In use pics all I got done with the time I had.

I have to say so far I love this knife. So far the look alone but the feel of it in my hand.

I dont have huge hands and I like a little smaller diameter handle and this is perfect. Like my nessmuk (snakemuk knife)

The weight is in the handle so in use it feels as if your not really holding it. I like this allot.

Out of the box it was insanely sharp I wish I new how to get mine like this. I will post specs as I get them.

I want to thank Bax 40 for this gift that hew sent with out me asking for it or wanting anything in return. He is truly a friend and a wonderful person!

You sir actually had me choked up and speechless and misty eyed (im still blaming the dust for the last one) I cant thank you enough or explain how much I appreciate this.

I really do like it I believe this is going to be my main carry now and its got a pair of proper pants!.

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