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UGG MAKE FIRE WITH ROCK for first time!!!


I finally forced myself to go out today and Im so glad I did.

What im taking and my first trip with my Swedish G.M. bag The boy scout cooker was the one I used as a kid my dad brought it to me the other weekend. the lid (I dont remember what we did) but it locks on in a certain position so I but my meal in there to carry it till I can reheat it!


I started my first fire with flint and steel. Trekon with help from my buddy Tennecedar sent me a little fire kit with a piece of flint and a steel he made. I have been practicing at home while search BCUSA just learning to hit it and get the char cloth to take today was the “trial by fire” 😀

It took me a while to get it going and had to redo and gather some different tender for the nest it just didnt get hot enough to catch what I started off with. I didnt get and pics of it catching or the failures as I was alone! I learned I need to triple the amount of cloth that I think ill need.

(This is not the kit treck sent just the flint and steel and char cloth. I took matches incase I got pressed for time or hungrier!)

The rest are just what I did aside from sit back and enjoy the quite.

hike in i found some really fresh deer poo

Tested out my new mini tomahawk. I like it its fun to use this is a day trip tool though I couldnt see processing allot of wood with this unless I had to.

Something new that was gifted. IT WILL GET ITS OWN THREAD IN A MIN.

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  1. chad permalink
    20/12/2010 16:09

    what’s for dinner there? Chef Boyhowdie Ravioli?

    • 20/12/2010 16:18

      It was home made Lasagna that I reheated over the fire I had garlic bread to but couldn’t wait I was hungry! 😀

      • Chad permalink
        03/01/2011 17:00

        Awesome! Looked better than chef boyhowdie for sure!

      • 03/01/2011 17:13

        That it was brother and had the taste of kindness cause it was from this nurse my wife worked with to help with her kids that have CP

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