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Quick update


I have been working allot and not talking allot of time out in the bush (read pure lazy sac-o-taters) Any who I have some new items to talk about and I want to high light my really good friend (which I should have done a LONG time ago (sac quote from above) for all he has done for me)

I plan to get some good time out to.

I also am supposed to be getting my first Turley knife from model 26 but things may shape to i need to drop to another model which would suck on one hand for losing the brass pommel but also be closer to what i want and more feasible at the moment or having to wait another 10 months 😦 Lord willing he will work it out they way I want but he will do it the way he sees fit and it will make sense in the end!

Any who ill be back up posting soon sorry for the delay!

Hope all is well God bless

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