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My good and dear friend Tennecedar (axes and traps)


This is

SOOOO LOOONG OVER DO! That I must give an appologe to Tennecedar for taking so long to give a proper thank you.

First of all I call this my first axe in life. If you count hatchets as axes then second. It is a nessmuk pattern that he cut down himself and finished off. He did so as he knew how much I like nessmuk.

I left it in the big size because the haft has such a beautiful grain sad thing I found today while setting up for the pics is that it is loose and not fixable as a chunk is no missing where it was pinned so sadly it will be rehafted soon. 😦

This is the trade axe/tomahawk that he gave me at the same time I had it sharpened and put it in the shed and forgot about 😦 im scattered brained some times I have used it and do enjoy it Im going to rehaft just because I have found I like the sheeps leg haft better than straight. You will also notice that the winter in the shed was not nice on these at all (the rust)

This is the mini tomahawk that I got in a knife swap with him. He has some of the coolest little things I swear and it really is a good user this is going to go to my daughter than youngest son for day trips.

These are the traps that he gave me to start me off in trapping. as I want to learn how to do it and he set me off so as I learn more and more in how to do so!

I just want to thank him from the bottom of my heart there is so much more i can post and i may update in days to come or months depending on what pops in the mail box. If you have not had the pleasure of talking to him or learning from him then you truly are missing out as he is a wonderful guy to talk with and hang out with.

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  1. anubis1335 permalink
    29/03/2011 16:08

    Cool stuff/story bro!

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