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My good and dear friend Tennecedar (axes and traps)


This is

SOOOO LOOONG OVER DO! That I must give an appologe to Tennecedar for taking so long to give a proper thank you.

First of all I call this my first axe in life. If you count hatchets as axes then second. It is a nessmuk pattern that he cut down himself and finished off. He did so as he knew how much I like nessmuk.

I left it in the big size because the haft has such a beautiful grain sad thing I found today while setting up for the pics is that it is loose and not fixable as a chunk is no missing where it was pinned so sadly it will be rehafted soon. 😦

This is the trade axe/tomahawk that he gave me at the same time I had it sharpened and put it in the shed and forgot about 😦 im scattered brained some times I have used it and do enjoy it Im going to rehaft just because I have found I like the sheeps leg haft better than straight. You will also notice that the winter in the shed was not nice on these at all (the rust)

This is the mini tomahawk that I got in a knife swap with him. He has some of the coolest little things I swear and it really is a good user this is going to go to my daughter than youngest son for day trips.

These are the traps that he gave me to start me off in trapping. as I want to learn how to do it and he set me off so as I learn more and more in how to do so!

I just want to thank him from the bottom of my heart there is so much more i can post and i may update in days to come or months depending on what pops in the mail box. If you have not had the pleasure of talking to him or learning from him then you truly are missing out as he is a wonderful guy to talk with and hang out with.


Quick update


I have been working allot and not talking allot of time out in the bush (read pure lazy sac-o-taters) Any who I have some new items to talk about and I want to high light my really good friend (which I should have done a LONG time ago (sac quote from above) for all he has done for me)

I plan to get some good time out to.

I also am supposed to be getting my first Turley knife from model 26 but things may shape to i need to drop to another model which would suck on one hand for losing the brass pommel but also be closer to what i want and more feasible at the moment or having to wait another 10 months 😦 Lord willing he will work it out they way I want but he will do it the way he sees fit and it will make sense in the end!

Any who ill be back up posting soon sorry for the delay!

Hope all is well God bless

A great gift from a great guy.


So I was talking with a fellow member (from BCSUA) just the normal chit chat and I made a comment to which I got a wonderful story and shared wisdom from. I was also asked for my address. I figured since a friendship had developed it was for a Christmas card as it tis the season.

A few days later I get a PM that reads “keep an eye out for a package”.


I had taken Friday off to maintain my sanity and be somewhere that got canceled. So I payed call of duty with my son all morning watching for the mail she finally came I ran with leaps and bounds to her collected my package as it did arrive and acted like a 7yo at Christmas. Thank God the ol’ lady wasnt home or Id still be waiting to open it!

As I tore into the packaging I for 3 of the envelope bags the US post has by the second one I thought I was just having my leg yanked but finally a box.

And what was inside the box?

THIS BEAUTY! A Kephart FT with Antique Ivory scales.

In use pics all I got done with the time I had.

I have to say so far I love this knife. So far the look alone but the feel of it in my hand.

I dont have huge hands and I like a little smaller diameter handle and this is perfect. Like my nessmuk (snakemuk knife)

The weight is in the handle so in use it feels as if your not really holding it. I like this allot.

Out of the box it was insanely sharp I wish I new how to get mine like this. I will post specs as I get them.

I want to thank Bax 40 for this gift that hew sent with out me asking for it or wanting anything in return. He is truly a friend and a wonderful person!

You sir actually had me choked up and speechless and misty eyed (im still blaming the dust for the last one) I cant thank you enough or explain how much I appreciate this.

I really do like it I believe this is going to be my main carry now and its got a pair of proper pants!.

UGG MAKE FIRE WITH ROCK for first time!!!


I finally forced myself to go out today and Im so glad I did.

What im taking and my first trip with my Swedish G.M. bag The boy scout cooker was the one I used as a kid my dad brought it to me the other weekend. the lid (I dont remember what we did) but it locks on in a certain position so I but my meal in there to carry it till I can reheat it!


I started my first fire with flint and steel. Trekon with help from my buddy Tennecedar sent me a little fire kit with a piece of flint and a steel he made. I have been practicing at home while search BCUSA just learning to hit it and get the char cloth to take today was the “trial by fire” 😀

It took me a while to get it going and had to redo and gather some different tender for the nest it just didnt get hot enough to catch what I started off with. I didnt get and pics of it catching or the failures as I was alone! I learned I need to triple the amount of cloth that I think ill need.

(This is not the kit treck sent just the flint and steel and char cloth. I took matches incase I got pressed for time or hungrier!)

The rest are just what I did aside from sit back and enjoy the quite.

hike in i found some really fresh deer poo

Tested out my new mini tomahawk. I like it its fun to use this is a day trip tool though I couldnt see processing allot of wood with this unless I had to.

Something new that was gifted. IT WILL GET ITS OWN THREAD IN A MIN.

Christmas tree picking in the woods and lessons learned (pics)


So I really haven’t been in the spirit of the season like normal. Tree up the weekend after thanksgiving and all kinds of lights blah blah.

So today i went to find a real tree because I cant be bothered with the fake tree.

My lower back yard (all the crap was there when we got the land that’s clean compared to day one)

Finally after an hour of debating and looking and remembering the only commandment I received before setting out on my search for Canaan ” dont get a Charlie Brown tree”

I found one I felt was perfect. and wouldn’t have roots 4 feet wide (please please please!)

Fifteen minutes of digging I realize I was HORRIBLY WRONG on root size estimating.
Another five minutes and 3 feet I finally find the bottom and pry it upwards as I grab my trusty machete and skillfully like a surgeon sliced it free from the earths mighty grip with a huff and puff (then some hacking and coughing damn I need to quite smoking and get back to the gym) I released it from its confines.

After this I realized that damn artificial tree was looking easier and easier even though only quarter of the branches still have there color codes on them the rest is a crap shoot why do I get all these “bright”  ideas.

So after freeing it from the bondage of the southern red clay I went to place it in the pot, The pot I just now remembered I left on the top of the freaking hill an hour ago because I was just going to “look around”.

I dredged my way back up the side of the hill with the Mighty southern pine draping from my massive bulging shoulders (at least this is how I saw in my mind thank God no one helped so there would be photographic evidence to prove other wise)!

Upon reaching the apex massive steep hill I cast the mighty southern pine from my bosoms down toward the earth and grab the pot to go fill it with dirt. I trek my way back down the dangerous and uneven terrain to the spot I ripped the mighty pine from and filled the pale with dirt.

I fed the shovel handle through the yoo-hoo buckets handles and carried it as and Egyptian would blocks for the pyramids over head up steep mountains showing mighty strength that is unsurpassed my few.

I then planted the Might massively tall southern pine and looked upon it and prayed it continue its strength and said IT IS GOOD! Only to be told by the wife it looks a little charlie brown ish but its nice completely deflating all the rippling muscles that I just made burst forth. Thanks dear!


I have a knack for creative writing.

I will NEVER do this again either I will buy it potted or im cutting the damn thing down.

Southern pine all look like a charlie brown trees.

THERE IS NOTHING LIKE GETTING YOUR OWN TREE this was my first time and I loved even though the fake would have ended up being easier .

That fake tree would have been so much easier!

I hope you actually read all of this or you missed a good laugh

I was interviewed on live TV for the first time ever i talk bushcraft too


Well here it is!

Made an oilskin haversack


So since I haven’t been doing allot of bush crafting lately I figured I needed to do something so people didn’t think I was a keyboard crafter.

This was only possible because of 5 people.

JAAT= for some really good English needles Thanks Bro
Kevinkinny= For the oilskin cloth Thanks dude

1Jesster= for the antler button

My wonderful wife for helping me (story below)
And dave canterbury for the pics I used to make mine

So I used the one wildernesso0utfittersarchery sold on his site as a model I always liked it but was not going to spend 40 bones on it.

I did all my cutting out in the den watching cartoons then got it to the size I wanted (ended up being a little narrower after sewing)
I ironed it all flat and smooth and stiff

Here is where my wife stepped in to help me sew the strap together.

She helped because after the 3rd time the artificial sinew magically crawled around on the floor and entangled itself into an impossible to undo knot. My kids learned some sailor blushing new words and I yelled at the sinew while throwing it across the room “screw this im buying one” She asked if I would like some help. So in between my twitching eye and deep heaving breaths I said “yes please”

So the wife did the strap for me (thanks hun and yes I will tell them those are not good words)

I did the sides of the bag in a lock stitch.

Here is the bag all sewn up

And here is the finished strap. WE will be putting the strap on the bag this afternoon.

now complete